What Do You Want To Create or Transform?

Innovation Engineering Applications:

What is Innovation Engineering?

Innovation Engineering: A framework to apply technology and create transformation aided by aligning human talent in an efficient, effective, and positive manner. This framework offers practical guidance for creating transformation – whether in large firms, research labs, new ventures, or even innovative student projects.

Why is Innovation Engineering needed?

It is needed because smart teams with talented people and good plans often fail. Lots of activity does not always result in progress or insight. Slide presentations do not result in real life execution. Teams who use Innovation Engineering in their projects get higher quality results, they have 2 to 4 times more productivity, and they even feel happier about their projects.

How is it different from other approaches?

Innovation is complex and requires 2 fundamental components:

  1. Story narrative: This may include a system level technology strategy and business model.
  2. Execution while learning - Inductive learning allows discovery to happen during project execution which is needed for innovation.
  3. Human side of innovation: The team must work with the correct mindset, behaviors, and leadership

Where can I review a summary of Innovation Engineering Principles?

To learn more, see the Principals of Innovation Engineering at this link or in the slides below.


What Resources Are Available?

Innovation Engineering, the book – At Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1733431705

Navigator tool to reinforce inductive learning in the project:

Slide iNav ver. S1.1

Data-X: For Data, AI, Information Technology & Systems


Low Tech Demo

How Can You Develop Innovation Skills?

For experts, technologists, industry-oriented faculty, and product managers. Experts who can actually innovate are needed everywhere.

  • Learn about the approach in a workshop. Develop understanding.
  • Check your innovation mindset and behaviors: See berkeleyinnovationindex.org
  • Use reflection in your daily life to increase your psychology for innovation .
  • Work on a real life project project. Accomplish a successful project with happy customers and/or managers/stakeholders.

Can You Join a Community of Practice?

How Was Innovation Engineering Developed?

Innovation Engineering builds on the Berkeley Method for Entrepreneurship (BMoE) and the Berkeley Method for Innovation Leadership (BMIL). It has been developed over the past 15 years at UC Berkeley's Sutardja Center.

Who edits this website?

The Innovation Engineering framework was developed by Ikhlaq Sidhu. This site is a free, open resource for the community of students and professionals.

Innovation Engineering: Innovation Engineering is a framework create transformation and apply emerging technologies by aligning human talent in an efficient, effective, and positive manner – whether in large firms, research labs, new ventures, or student projects. The Innovation Engineering framework, developed at the Sutardja Center by Ikhlaq Sidhu, is currently used to guide advanced project courses at UC Berkeley as well as innovation projects at firms and governments around the world. See innovation-engineering.net for more information.

Web Site: This is a public and non-commercial website hosted to provide resources and support for innovation engineering projects. Project types include corporate collaborations, new venture acceleration, research lab partnerships, consulting projects, and classroom projects.