Exponential Tech Lab Notes

A Digital Commonplace Book  for AI and other Exponential Technologies

Technology Research Map  

We aim to compile knowledge, research, and observations on how exponential technologies (such as data, AI, & crypto algorithms) will impact energy, health, financial systems, and other global challenges. We leverage insights from ventures and faculty members worldwide.  We are focused on the questions needed to architect future technologies and understand investment implications.

Power Consumption from AI, and Blockchain. Implications on the future of Data Centers.

AI Architectures - beyond assistants:  AI control and interfaces for resources from IOT to calendars to robots 

What opportunities and limits in using AI and digital biomarkers for predictive medicine, clinical trials, new medicines. What infrastructure will be required?

Exponential technology implications for academics, work, business, and society.

How does Quantum computing relate to Data/AI/Blockchain?

What parts of Quantum are really happening?

What are the AI, Data, & Crypto tools and trends?

Climate change,  economy,  and data/AI inference:

How do exponential technologies affect the possibility of Controlled Fusion and other new energy solutions?

Exponential technologies and Financial Systems and Mobility

How will we have societal trust given deep fakes, social media, and AI? And, how will we achieve cyber security in an AI-driven world?