Targeted projects with leading firms to focus on adapting and innovating under adversity.

The University of California, Berkeley, one of the world’s premier public universities and worldwide center for innovation, is taking a leading role in response to the COVID-19 health crisis and is convening industry and its vast internal expertise to launch real time initiatives to help firms accelerate and adapt to the new environment.

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  • Convene industry, academics, and ventures to adapt/innovate under adversity
  • Share best practices in dealing with the second order effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Format: 1.5-hour video-conference meetings per week, 3 month projects
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Structure and Audience:

Today’s economic and health environment is leading to a longer-term change. Virtually every firm, investor, and individual must adapt in this new environment. Participation allows for companies to augment team capacity and innovation capabilities while also widely sharing results and best practices to help the world adapt to the health and economic issues caused by Covid-19. Berkeley’s experience with innovation process, culture, data, communication tools, and technology development will serve as the backbone of the program. The program will be hosted by the Sutardja Center at UC Berkeley and include participation from a network of industry leaders and academic faculty.

What Happens Every Week:

  • All teams meet for a weekly lecture of 30 min to broaden perspectives and cases
  • All: 30 Min of group discussion of the key issues that are facing them
  • Private for each team: 30 min weekly project review project with mentors
  • Team moves though 3 phases asynchronously (gated) during the course of 3 months:
      • Story/strategy review
      • Execution while learning, managed with Innovation Navigator
      • Connecting with Berkeley's network for additional resources
  • We communicate what we are learning to help the world adapt and innovate under this current financial and economic crisis

Project Framework:

The project development is based on the development framework of Innovation Engineering, which includes the story development, execution while learning, innovation behaviors, and leadership.

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