Mobile World Congress: Innovating 5G/AI

Innovating 5G and AI - Draft Only

Mobile World Congress Feb 27, 2020

UC Berkeley and GSMA Collaborative Workshop

Welcome to Sutardja Center with Overview

Ikhlaq Sidhu, UC Berkeley


Welcome and GSMA Perspective

Laxmi Akkaraju, Chief Strategy Officer at GSMA - Live presentation

Objectives of Workshop

  1. Understand relevant AI and 5G concepts - technical and business
  2. Prep for the Innovating 5G AI Course in Collaboration with GSMA, planned for Spring 2020
  3. Leverage expertise and insights from executives to identify ideas, issues, speakers, mentors
  4. Understand the Innovation Engineering approach to be used in the course
  5. Discuss the objectives and linkages of participants going forward:
  6. Story generation to advanced prototypes
    • Linkages to internal development, partnerships, collaborations, research
    • Education in the industry
    • Technical skill recruiting
    • Development of innovation culture
  7. Consider when/if vertical markets should be educated about 5G Opportunities

Note: Chatham House Rules Apply

Data/AI: Technical and Business Overview

Background Information: Available for Review


5G and AI - Technical and Business

  • 5G Data and AI Applications. Includes emerging models for data/AI applications.
5G Data and AI Applications-SV-Perspective-v1.1

Define Assignment for Workgroups

  • What would be an ideal for experience for telecom users? Vision Exercise
  • A x B Model applied to 5G x Every Business
  • 5G, Data, and AI: Amazoogle Perspective
  • Current Issues and Solutions for Telecom - and what would be ideal?

Lunch with exercise discussion and work time

Potential Roundtable Discussion

Workgroup Reports

  • Exercise narrative presentations with feedback and discussion
  • Chatham House Rules Apply - Report information:

Innovation Engineering

  • Course management model
  • See slides for reference below


  • All: Discussion of next steps:
  • Objectives and linkages: How can your organization interact with the program?
    • Benefit to R&D, CTO Office, or business development
    • Education within the firm, use a similar model inside your firm for story narration?
    • Use of innovation engineering as a behavioral process to teach innovation behavior
    • Technical skill recruiting
    • Interest to speak or mentor
  • Do vertical markets need to be educated about 5G Opportunities
  • What else should we know before going further