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The Black Swan Evenet

"A Black Swan Event is making us focus on 'Innovation that Matters"

Presented at University of Melbourne: This talk covers: 1) The roadmap that we see ahead, including the landscape of winners and losers 2) Practical tactics and strategies to for businesses and organizations to adapt and then position for greater success in future. 3) How to lead innovation in this time period for greater impact 4) The mindsets and behaviors that will define the future of consumer demand. The role of technology in this transformation
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Black Swan Meets the Brave New World:

Innovation Planning Part I: “A Black Swan has 3 attributes: unpredictability, consequences, and retrospective explain-ability.” Nicholas Nassim Teleb. You may have noticed that we are in the middle of a black swan event now.

Since January of 2020, the world has been watching the unfolding of the Covid-19 pandemic. It started with a few isolated cases in regions of the world that seemed far away. With relentless transmission, cases started to jump around the world. The infection has now reached just about every community on the planet leading to a current state of health crisis and economic uncertainty. But what comes next?

Why I’m Researching New Models for "Project Acceleration"​

Over the last decade or more, Venture Acceleration has been successful in increasing the success rate of new ventures. However, this same concept can also be used to increase the success rate for early-stage industry projects and advanced development initiatives.