What is Innovation Engineering?

Innovation Engineering: A framework to create or transformation anything aided by aligning human talent in an efficient, effective, and positive manner. This framework offers practical guidance useful in large firms, research labs, new ventures, or even innovative student projects.

Why is Innovation Engineering needed?

It is needed because smart teams with talented people and good plans often fail. Lots of activity does not always result in progress. Slide presentations do not result in real life execution.

What are the Principles of Innovation Engineering?

To learn more, see the Principals of Innovation Engineering at this link or in the slides below.


What do Students Say:

  • "Realistic, engaging, efficient"

  • "Implementation while learning"

  • "High-tech, innovative, hands-on"

  • "This course gives me a new experience with innovation"

  • "Insightful, technical, collaborative. My overall experience has been great. The instructor's advice has been helpful."

  • "I like the opportunity to create something new."

  • "It is such a great experience. I like the feedback and suggestions that given after each presentation a lot!"

  • "I learned about the importance of a Story"

  • "Learned how to develop an entrepreneurship and leadership mindset"

  • "I came with several powerful insights applicable to my team as we enter the development of our story."

  • "Apart from trust, I like how the program guides us to become an innovative leaders.

  • "The most interesting concept that I learned was about “Work Backwards with Planning, Work Forwards with Agile Iterations”

  • "I’ve learned about sprints and iterations for learning."

  • "Innovative, big picture, leadership"

  • I think it is a really powerful class. I think a key way to end the class is to ensure that the connections between teams and professors stay strong even after the class so that the projects can develop to their full potential.

How Was Innovation Engineering Developed?

Innovation Engineering builds on the Berkeley Method for Entrepreneurship (BMoE). It has been developed over the past 15 years at UC Berkeley's Sutardja Center.


Innovation Engineering: Innovation Engineering is a framework create or transformation anything by aligning human talent in an efficient, effective, and positive manner – whether in large firms, research labs, new ventures, or student projects. The Innovation Engineering framework, developed at the Sutardja Center by Ikhlaq Sidhu, is currently used to guide advanced project courses at UC Berkeley as well as innovation projects at firms and governments around the world. See innovation-engineering.net for more information.